Certified Blockchain Solution Architect

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect

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Duration: 3 Days


This instructor-led Blockchain Architecture training is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms. The Certified Blockchain Solution Architecture exam is included with class. The class covers the following topics:

• What is Blockchain
• How does Blockchain work
• Types of Blockchains
• How is Blockchain different from what we have today
• What are use cases for Blockchain
• What does a Blockchain app look like
• How do I design a Blockchain app
• How do I develop a Blockchain app
• How do I test a Blockchain app

Who Should Attend?

This course is for those wanting to understand the main Blockchain Architecture Design and how blocks in a Blockchain interact.

Course Prerequisites



We provide instructor-led in three modalities:
• Instructors at classroom locations globally
• Instructors Onsite at your location
• Via WebEx led by an Instructor with live labs

Course Content

Chapter 1: What is Blockchain
• Blockchain Basic Principles
• Centralized and Decentralized Ledgers
• Mechanics of Blockchain
• What is a Block?
• How are Blocks Chained Together?

Chapter 2: How Does Blockchain Work
• Benefits and Drawbacks of Blockchain
• Cryptography
• Public Key Cryptography
• Cryptographic Hashing
• Blockchain Consensus
• Proof of Work Consensus
• Proof of Stake Consensus
• Other Consensus Mechanisms Explained
• Lifecycle of a Public Blockchain Transaction

Chapter 3: Types of Blockchains
• Public vs Private Blockchains
• Open vs Closed Blockchains
• Open Source Blockchain Projects
• Blockchain Smart Contracts
• Tokens and Coins
• Using Gas in Ethereum
• “Blockless” Solution Platforms

Chapter 4: How is Blockchain Different Than What We Have Today
• Types of Networks
• Centralized Networks
• Distributed Networks
• Decentralized Networks
• Software vs Firmware
• Blockchain vs Database

Chapter 5: What Does a Blockchain Application Look Like?
• Blockchain Application Architecture
• Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• User Interaction Layer
• Middle/Interface Layer
• Smart Contracts/Chaincode

Chapter 6: How Do I Design a Blockchain Application?
• Guiding Design Principles
• Personas (User Types)
• User Stories (Application Interaction)
• Application Functional Requirements
• Application Technical Requirements
• Design Tasks
• Fundamental Design Questions

Chapter 7: How Do I Develop a Blockchain Application?
• Fundamental Design Concepts
• Calling External Contracts
• Error Handling
• Pull vs Push Payments
• On-Chain Data
• Local Testing Recommendations
• Not Using Agile Development Process
• Technology Design Decisions
• Monolithic vs Modular
• Complexity Models

Chapter 8: How Do I test a Blockchain Application?
• Blockchain Testing Approaches
• Unit Testing
• Developer Level Testing
• Configuration & Environment Testing
• Load/Performance Testing
• Volume/Stress Testing
• Regression Testing
• Application Bug Classifications
• User Load Testing
• Key Blockchain Architecture Testing Questions

Chapter 9: Use Cases for Blockchain
• Real world implementations of Blockchain




Exam Code

Eligible trainees can receive the CITREP+ course fee support of up to 70% or up to 90% for the Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Course. For full information on CITREP+ eligibility, please visit go.gov.sg/tesacitrep

Our Trainer

Dr. Rizal Mohd Nor

Dr Rizal is our highly sought after trainer-coach for Blockchain technology.  With nearly 20 years of experience in IT industry, Dr Rizal stands out with his experience and expertise in Blockchain solutions.  He contributed his expertise in various companies like Cendee Sdn.Bhd, TruID Sdn.Bhd and KPMG Malaysia, and he will be able to tell you the ever expanding job opportunities in blockchain.  He has personally coached several batches of students on a career in blockchain.

Mr. Wong Wai Kean (Steven Wong)

Steven Wong has 26 years of industrial experience in the Computing Industry. His first 6 years was a system engineer on developing and delivering System, Networking & Security Solutions in corporate and enterprise-wide data center. Then he was a Technology Consultant for Hewlett-Packard. He was with HP (pre-merger Compaq/Digital) for 10 years. His current 10 years core competency is delivering training on Cisco Data Center, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Security and Service Provider. He also has extensive experiences in teaching Juniper, VMware, Nutanix, IBM Websphere Application Server, BlockChain Technology, SoftLayer Fundamentals and Design Workshop courses around Asia Pacific countries. Other than training, he also works as freelance consultant to implement IBM Softlayer or Bluemix infrastructure, VMware Data Center and NSX integration with Citrix NetScaler. He holds multiple certifications, including Cisco Certified System Instructor (CCSI), Juniper Network Certified Instructor (JNCI), VMware Certified Instructor (VCI), Nutanix Certified Instructor, Certified Citrix Instructor, Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Instructor, IBM SoftLayer/Bluemix Infrastructure and WebSphere middleware products Certified Instructor.

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